EmpowerFi: Transforming Communities through Government Contracting

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Welcome, welcome, welcome! Please allow me to introduce EmpowerFi – we are dedicated to social equity and progress by working with government and business partners. Our goal is to offer helpful consulting, outreach to communities, and manage projects and programs that affect marginalized groups. We aim to connect people, open new doors, and bring about lasting positive changes. This helps communities that are often overlooked and underrepresented to grow and play a part in building a society where everyone is included and valued.

Let’s discuss EmpowerFi’s goals – as a Black-owned and operated business in the government contracting space, it’s important to understand why we should be in this space at all.

As history continues to repeat itself in so many ways, there’s a laundry list of issues stemming from government programs that are supposed to help and uplift marginalized communities. Let’s take a look at a few:

  • Program alignment with community needs
  • Red tape affecting how individuals can access services
  • Lack of outreach or awareness within the benefiting community
  • Discrimination and stigma that deter individuals from attempting to access programs
  • Limited community participation in planning for the programs
  • Lack of inclusion for diverse cultural groups within marginalized communities

These are just some of the inherent barriers that exist within government programs that certainly need to be addressed.

Why does this matter? Well, we believe that all human beings are entitled to housing, healthcare, and equitable treatment – free of discrimination and biases. 

In a recent discussion, our Director, Shan, really emphasized the essence of our mission with profound clarity. They stated,

“The core of our mission is ‘Intentionality’. I believe inclusivity doesn’t happen by chance; it requires intentionality and deliberate effort. It’s about actively and consciously working towards creating an environment where every individual feels valued, respected, and included. Without intentional actions, underserved communities will continue to suffer.”

We want to be in alignment with the community’s voice, interests, and values so we can truly make a difference in helping the government execute programs. With community engagement, we can address many of the barriers and misalignments that exist within current programs. We want to think outside of the box…since the current box just isn’t working optimally.

“Being a part of EmpowerFi, I see the potential for transformation. My unique perspective as a team member fuels our mission, and I’m dedicated to spreading opportunities that can change lives. Our engagement in government contracts is our strategic path to create substantial change. These partnerships empower us to advocate for inclusivity, ultimately fostering a more equitable society for all.”

Ashleigh’s words perfectly encapsulate the drive and vision that propel our team forward.

We have an unwavering mission to bridge gaps, catalyze change, and empower underserved communities. Our roadmap to breaking down existing barriers and building a more inclusive future includes effective community outreach, thoughtful program design, and strategic government collaborations. 

We invite you, our readers, our community, to join us on this transformative journey. Please follow and support our blog, turn on notifications on social media, share your thoughts, and explore how you can be a part of this necessary work. We at EmpowerFi carry a heartfelt belief in the power of intentional, inclusive action. Our passion for social equity and community empowerment isn’t just what we do – it’s who we are! ♥♥♥

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